A Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery

The show is live! Check out https://anchor.fm/ncmsmusical for the podcast version currently on Spotify, and coming soon to all major platforms, or check out both of the videos below via YouTube:

Enjoy! If you like what you’ve heard, please let your administrators and school district representatives know. If you’re interested in making a charitable donation to future productions such as this one, please contact Mrs. Krepps at akrepps@wssd.k12.pa.us for information, or please check out our “Sponsorship & Ads” section for information about how you can become a sponsor of our future productions. Thanks for listening!

-Sam & Mrs. Krepps

Show drops tomorrow at 9am!

We’re pleased to announce that our show (in two recordings) will be available for listening & downloading tomorrow at 9am! Find our landing page at https://anchor.fm/ncmsmusical, and currently will be available on Spotify, but coming soon to all major podcast platforms. You’ll also be able to find the audiogram video versions right here via YouTube, as well as our NCMS Musicals Facebook page. We can’t wait for you to hear our performance. In the meantime, check out our landing page for a few fun “mic checks” from our performers.

-Sam & Mrs. Krepps

2021 Update

It has been what feels like an eternity since we last provided an update. As we continue to navigate through this pandemic-altered school year, we made the difficult decision to cancel our plans to produce a 2021 school musical. Simply put, we did not feel that we could adapt our process to keep everyone safe.

It was a difficult decision to come to grips with, and our hearts break for each and every student who finds enjoyment in our musical productions, and for all of you who support us by coming to see the hard work all of your students put into their performances.

That said, we are thrilled to announce that we are producing an 8th-grade radio play. “A Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery” is currently in virtual rehearsals and is set to be recorded at the end of February. The play will be presented in two versions, featuring two casts in order to accommodate all of our interested 8th-graders.

But how do you listen? Our radio play will be made available to listen to through all major podcast outlets and on-demand audio platforms. The play will be presented free of charge, but we welcome all donations to benefit the costs of our production, and to support future theatrical productions at NCMS.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to bringing you “A Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery” soon!

-Mrs. Krepps & Sam