A Sherlock Holmes Radio Mystery

The show is live! Check out https://anchor.fm/ncmsmusical for the podcast version currently on Spotify, and coming soon to all major platforms, or check out both of the videos below via YouTube:

Enjoy! If you like what you’ve heard, please let your administrators and school district representatives know. If you’re interested in making a charitable donation to future productions such as this one, please contact Mrs. Krepps at akrepps@wssd.k12.pa.us for information, or please check out our “Sponsorship & Ads” section for information about how you can become a sponsor of our future productions. Thanks for listening!

-Sam & Mrs. Krepps

Show drops tomorrow at 9am!

We’re pleased to announce that our show (in two recordings) will be available for listening & downloading tomorrow at 9am! Find our landing page at https://anchor.fm/ncmsmusical, and currently will be available on Spotify, but coming soon to all major podcast platforms. You’ll also be able to find the audiogram video versions right here via YouTube, as well as our NCMS Musicals Facebook page. We can’t wait for you to hear our performance. In the meantime, check out our landing page for a few fun “mic checks” from our performers.

-Sam & Mrs. Krepps